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TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021

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China Newsmay Technology Co.,limited certification
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TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021
Latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021

As a global business, Mini PC trading perform a significant character, it brings almost the highest technology going through different countries. Especially PC OEM factory in China, they provide the majority productions of PC and PC components for the world-wide distributors and wholesalers, even computer retailers somehow could import computer products directly from Chinese computer OEM manufacturer.


As we know, computers are famous for the iterative update, almost every year, Intel and AMD publish dozens of new CPU. All of these CPU will be used in new generation of computers. For catching up the latest technology, almost all the computer OEM manufacturers try their best to launch new computers, upgrade their newest PC models and try their best to sell more to customers.


Since computer business is an inevitable and profitable business, the competition becomes more and more fierce. For the leading computer companies such as Intel, Lenovo, Apple they launch new generation PC each season, but don’t change much about the enclosure, so most models going through different CPU generations are still using the similar or even the same chassis. This makes customers recognize their brands immediately.


One very previous advantage of OEM manufacturers is that they can always design new models, most of them are aim on providing the satisfied PC models for customers, could design new models according to customer demand. This makes PC OEM manufacturers moreflexible.


Newsmay is one of the experienced and very productive PC OEM manufacturers in China. It located in Shenzhen which is the technology-intensive area in China. Since its launch, Newsmay has served for thousands of world-wide customers, most of them are doing great distribution business from countries to countries. We are looking forward to finding the best-selling Mini PC models from Newsmay in 2020.




1.Best Mini PC for digital signage AC5

latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021  0

This is a latest model published in Newsmay, designed by cooperation PC partners, from the simple and small design, we call it the tiny PC, from the purchasing cost, it becomes very popular for digital signage wholesales and distributors. This very small size PC install Intel N4000 N4020 N4100 CPU with onboard 4GB/8GB LPDDR4 RAM, onboard 32GB/128GB EMMC, supports both HDMI and VGA display ports, combined with 3 USB3.0 ports, 1 RJ45 port and built-in Wifi/BT, TF card slot make it perfect for installing in some LED or LCD display panels. Fanless design make it noiseless, also support working for 7/24 hours.


For promotion or simple applications such as digital signage and POS using, this is a great computing option.


The very small and plastic PC enclosure make it with only 0.29KG for the net weight, even lighter than a small size i-phone, users could barely notice it as a computer. This can greatly reduce the packaging space and shipping cost, make it suitable for shipping from different countries.



2. Best-selling Mini PC in 2020 AC1

latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021  1

Not only in 2020, Mini Computer AC1 model has kept the top selling for a couple of years, for the lower budget and higher profits, AC1 PC has been gaining most customers’ trust.


Why is this model so popular and well selling?


We cannot deny one very important element is that this is one model designed by Newsmay’s engineers and has being tested in most projects. The comparable configuration makes it a very successful selling model in the market.


3. Powerful Mini PC with lower budget KC10

latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021  2

Compared to most Intel 10 Gen Mini PC in the market, KC10 model is cheaper, but not only the price is very tempting, the whole PC’s working performance is also great. Mini PC KC10 using the Intel 10th Gen CPU, CPU includes Comet Lake U series of i3-10110U, i5-10210U, i7-10510U; with the same motherboard, KC10 model also support 8 Gen Whiskey Lake U series CPU, I3-8145U and i5-8265U.


The enclosure design of KC10 is basic on Mini PC KC3 which supports 6 Gen to 8 Gen Intel CPU.



4.Mini PC with AMD CPU AC4

latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021  3

Mini PC AC4 is one model very closed to Intel NUC design, the outfit is very simple, includes the basic Audio/ Mic, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, DP, LAN ports. Built-in CPU, SODIMM supports DDR4 up to 16GB RAM, SSD supports M.2 2280 VNME SSD and 2.5’HDD/SSD, up to 1TB storage. Internet support 2.4G to 5.2G Wifi, 4.2 version of Bluetooth.


AC4 supports AMD Ryzen 2500U and 2700U, for most AMD CPU and Mini PC fans, this is a good option.


The size of AC4 is only 128x128x50mm, very suitable for most applications.


5.Thin Client ITX Mini PC S1-B365

latest company news about TOP 5 Mini PC for wholesalers and distributors in 2021  4

For Mini ITX series, S1-B365 is a must chosen PC for selling in 2021, B365 supports both 8 Gen and 9 Gen Intel CPU, this motherboard uses the standard ITX size 170x170mm, with the total height of less than 39mm, including RAM M.2 SSD and 2.5’HDD/SSD, CPU/CPU fan. Mini ITX PC S1-B365 can be installed on different size of displays with a VESA, it can support to stand on the desktop with a vertical VESA too. For office using and some higher configuration request scenarios, S1-B365 is a perfect option.




latest company news about New Launch Mini PC AC5 Support N4100/4000/N4020 CPU  3


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