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The reasons of choosing Mini PC business

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The reasons of choosing Mini PC business
Latest company news about The reasons of choosing Mini PC business

It has been several years since working in the area of Mini PC business, still remember the first time looking at these Mini size PCs, was so amazed by the small size and complete functions.


I could barely believe and trusted such small size computer could do exactly the same job as the usual laptop or desktop do. Until I learned and dissembled a whole Mini PC, checked every component and studied every part of it. Understood that beside the size and power consumption, there is no difference from the usual size. Then just trusted it and had a lot more confidence to sell and introduce it to customers.


Computer is one of the most important technologies to change our world better. For people like us, we would like to learn and to understand. we put our passions on computer new technology, especially what mission computer could accomplish.

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From 2006 to 2015, 10 years focusing on software selling helped me understand what functions and amazing jobs of home/office and industrial computers could do. Computers can free labor works greatly in unpredictable ways, and it keeps improving.


Even for the same job, using the same software, if we handle it in different ways, it could also have different outcomes. The possibility is previous unlimited. As long as programmers could figure out and design a suitable program, the programs could replace human's labor.


Human beings are so called human beings, the biggest difference from animal is that we have the ability to using tools for improving living quality. Undoubtly, computer is the best tools humans have been developing.

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Since the very first so-called computer which developed by Charles Babbage in the early 19th century, it has been nearly 200 years. The computer plays a significant role in our history. From the very beginning of huge computer machine which occupied nearly a whole room to a tiny PC which can be hold in a palm, it is the outcome of technology evolution. And this process keeps developing.


Whenever customers asking me about the functions and the systems whether could be comparable to the usual computers, patience is always offered to answer these questions. For understanding that they have the same doubt as I had at the very beginning.


Smaller size computer is what we need in our life and in present commercial world. As long as this is the main trend, this is what a good business can be defined.



Written by Cherub Chen



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Cherub Chen (Ms.)



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