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S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T

China Newsmay Technology Co.,limited certification
China Newsmay Technology Co.,limited certification
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S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T
Latest company news about S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T
Neosmay S2-B560TPM
Intel Core i5-11400T 6 x 1.3 - 3.7 GHz, 84 W PL2 / Short Burst, 35 W PL1 / Sustained, Rocket Lake-S
Graphics adapter
Intel UHD Graphics 730 (Rocket Lake), Core: 1200 MHz, Memory: 2666 MHz, DCH
16384 MB
, DDR4-2666, 1 of 2 slots used, max 64 GB
Lexar NM610 500GB, 500 GB
, 450 GB free
1.327 kg ( = 46.81 oz / 2.93 pounds), Power Supply: 362 g ( = 12.77 oz / 0.8 pounds)
latest company news about S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T  0
latest company news about S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T  1
latest company news about S2-B560TPM mini PC: small office PC with efficient Intel Core i5-11400T  2


There isn't really anything outstanding about the appearance of the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM, which is to be expected considering its intended applications. The case is sturdy and robust, and our review unit is well-built. The cover can be opened without difficulty, thus making it easy to upgrade or expand the system. The SSD is placed in a slightly inconvenient location underneath the CPU cooler. Inside the box, you will find a vertical stand as well as a VESA mount for attaching the system to a monitor.

The Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM weighs about 1,300 g (2.9 lb), and the external power adapter around 360 g (0.8 lb). However, we have to mention that our review unit came with the wrong power adapter. The right one may be slightly heavier because the adapter we received is only capable of delivering 4.74 A at 19 V, whereas the system requires an adapter that can output 6.15 A at 19 V in order to operate properly.


Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM - ports (source: Newsmay)
Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM - ports (source: Newsmay)

The Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM offers a whole host of ports at the back. The total of seven USB ports should be enough to satisfy most people. However, the system doesn't support Thunderbolt, which would definitely have given it even more potential. Besides a Wi-Fi module and an Ethernet port, the device also has two HDMI outputs and a DisplayPort, which can be used to drive up to three monitors at the same time. There is unfortunately no built-in card reader.d




Our review unit is equipped with an Intel Core i5-11400T – a solid processor with six cores and twelve threads. This means the device packs enough power to handle everyday office work. If you are someone who keeps many browser tabs open at once, then you should go with the model with 16 GB of RAM to ensure the computer has enough resources.


The Core i5-11400T is part of Intel's Rocket Lake-S series. In the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TP, it sits in a conventional LGA 1200 socket. A "T" processor in this series operates at a TDP of 35 watts (equivalent to its PL1). If the CPU isn't throttled, it can draw up to 84 watts of power, which corresponds to its PL2. In desktop computers, we have seen that the PL2 is often equal to the PL1. However, Newsmay forces the CPU to observe the TDP limits through the BIOS, presumably to avoid overheating. Nonetheless, we believe that the system can afford to raise the PL1 slightly, even under load. These values can be changed using XTU to produce significantly better results.
The values shown here were determined with standard settings. So we weren't surprised that the Intel Core i5-11400T only ranked somewhere in the middle and is clearly beaten by the Intel Core i5-11320 in some respects. The Cinebench R15 nT benchmark illustrates how much untapped potential still lies within the Intel Core i5-11400T, as you can see in the screenshot we have included. The Intel Core i5-11400T has a base frequency of 1.3 GHz and can reach up to 3.7 GHz in Turbo Boost.


Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM vs. Cinebench R15 nT (PL1: 35W, PL2: 84W) Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM vs. Cinebench R15 nT (PL1: 35W, PL2: 84W)


Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM vs. Cinebench R15 nT (PL1: 84W, PL2: 84W) Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM vs. Cinebench R15 nT (PL1: 84W, PL2: 84W)

Graphics card and 3D performance

The Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM is equipped with an Intel UHD Graphics 730. Featuring 24 Execution Units and a max frequency of 1,200 MHz, this integrated GPU is nowhere near keeping pace with the AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 on the current AMD Ryzen APUs. It is probably not a great idea to run anything more than office applications on the Intel UHD Graphics 730, as you can see in the overview of its performance in the games tested.


Noise levels

The Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM always produces a noticeable amount of noise when in use, despite our measurements suggesting that noise levels are rather moderate. At average load, the noise level of 35.8 dB(A) is still acceptable. The system was never completely silent in operation. Even at idle, it emitted no less than 31.8 dB(A) of noise based on our measurements. The fan curve is well configured and responds promptly to changes in load without constantly readjusting the fan speed.

Noise Level

31.8 / 32.7 / 33.1 dB(A)
35.8 / 37.1 dB(A)
  red to green bar
30 dB
40 dB(A)
50 dB(A)
min: dark, med: mid, max: light Earthworks M23R, Arta (15 cm distance) environment noise: 30.2 dB(A)



Stresstest: FurMark+Prime95
Stresstest: FurMark+Prime95

For our stress test, we ran Prime95 and FurMark at the same time to put a tremendous amount of load on the system. The Intel Core i5-11400T reached a maximum temperature of 65 °C (149 °F), which is a very good result. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the low power consumption of 35 watts meant that the processor was only running at its base frequency of 1.3 GHz. The processor's temperature rose to around 80 °C once the power target was increased manually. We don't view this as a reason to criticise the product because it was being used in a way that is not in line with the manufacturer's specifications. However, we did notice that the VRM on the motherboard was becoming quite hot and causing the processor to throttle occasionally. The model we tested didn't have these issues whilst running at a fixed power target of 65 watts. This is crucial because the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM may be paired with the more powerful Intel Core i7-11700 if you go for the highest-end configuration.

During our stress test, the case became quite hot at the back around the exhaust vents. After speaking to the manufacturer, we found out that minor changes to the cooling solution are still in the works. For instance, the company intends to make the fan intakes at the top a little larger and slightly rework the VRM cooler on the motherboard.

Power consumption

Thanks to the low TDP of the Intel Core i5-11400T, the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM uses relatively little power at average load, drawing around 56 watts from the power adapter. Power consumption may sometimes rise to 107 watts for a brief period when the processor is operating in the PL2 state.


Verdict – versatile office PC with minor shortcomings

Review of the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM, provided by Newsmay Technology
Review of the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM, provided by Newsmay Technology

The Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM is a good compact computer for everyday office use and has all the essential ports. Its Wi-Fi module supports the latest standard, and many of its components can be replaced or expanded. However, the device doesn't come with the latest Thunderbolt 4. On the whole, the Intel Core i5-11400T does its job, but the processor is somewhat held back from its full potential in order not to overwhelm the compact cooling unit. During our review, the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM didn't present any serious issues. When it comes to pure performance, the S2-B560TPM is unable to fully keep up with similar devices from MinisForum or Morefine. On the flip side, it is more modular and features a replaceable CPU. The LGA 1200 socket nonetheless places a limit on upgradeability because it is no longer compatible with newer desktop processors.

With the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM, the Chinese manufacturer is taking on industry giants such as Dell and Lenovo. The mini PC left a mixed impression during our review.

With 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of SSD storage, the system has enough reserves to handle resource-hungry applications. It can accommodate up to 64 GB of RAM and two storage drives. Users are spoilt for choice in terms of CPUs. Whilst the Intel Core i5-11400T is definitely a good middle ground between performance and efficiency, you can also select the Core i7-11700 if you want to put a real octa-core processor in the mini PC.

Newsmay's actual core business is in the B2B segment. At a price of around 600 Euros (US$615), the Newsmay Neosmay S2-B560TPM is a great PC for business users. Moreover, it may be a worthwhile investment for consumers because comparable devices are not cheaper in many markets. Examples of competing products include the Dell OptiPlex and Lenovo ThinkCentre.

You can even purchase a barebone version for just around US$135 and then configure it to your needs.

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