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Multiple applications of Mini PC

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Multiple applications of Mini PC
Latest company news about Multiple applications of Mini PC

1. Advantages of Mini PC

When talking about Mini PC’s advantages, I am sure there are some images already shown on our head. Small size, more affordable, lower energy consumption, more fashionable, more application uses. But what exactly applications we could use Mini PC?


2. Applications of Mini PC

Office and personal computer applications.


The same as Desktop and Laptop, adding the monitor, mouse and keyboard, it could be used as office/personal computer, with more convenient portable applications. Whenever we need it, just connect it with a monitor via Type-C, HDMI, VGA or DP port, it is no difference from our daily using computers.


Because of its small size, it usually can be mounted with monitors/displays via a VESA, VESA size is standard 70x70/100x100mm or even smaller.


Some Mini PC may have either one of these display ports or some of them: Type-C, HDMI, VGA, DP. If the monitor doesn’t have the same ports, we could also choose a transit display port cable, such as HDMI to VGA, DP to HDMI cable. Some USB ports also have such functions.


Home entertainments: Gaming/TV/Media Player.

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With Mini PC’s varies of applications, it can be also used as home entertainment, such as playing computer games. For supporting this application, usually the Mini PC requires higher configurations, such as higher level of heat dissipation, more powerful CPU and GPU, more space of RAM and SSD will also improve the experience of game playing.


TV box and Media Player applications are simpler request. These applications could choose lower version CPU, such as Intel 4th/5th Gen CPU or J3455 CPU, these CPU are lot more enough for TV box or Media Player uses.


Kiosk Application.


Mini PC, because of its small size, it could be perfectly attached to any display and work. Such as embedded panel PC, Mini PC will be attached behind the monitor, and used in the kiosk room. No matter touched display or untouched display, only connect via HDMI, DP or VGA.


If setting the wake-on function, you don’t even need a bottom to turn it on, just keep the wire connecting with the power. For some conditions, the application may require 7/24 hours working demand. Under this circumstance, could choose the Fanless-model.


Users don’t need to worry about the overload working, for Mini PC usually use lower power consumption CPU, even working for a long time, the temperature won’t get too high.


For those more powerful applications, could also choose CPU fan as the heat dissipation, only under this circumstance, need to make sure the fan could keep working, it is better to choose not working for 7/24 hours. Otherwise, when the CPU fan doesn’t work, the temperature will get high. Even if the CPU fan sometimes die out, could set it as automate shut down, for protecting the CPU. Then change the CPU fan, it can be put in the work again.


Industrial application.

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For industrial applications, the request for a Mini PC is verity, some may request more COM ports, some may request more LAN ports, some may request more display ports. In different using area, Mini PC should be adjusted to adapt the application condition.


For these various requests, usually the MOQ for producing a Mini PC is larger. For example, if buyers request to change the Motherboard, the minimum quantity is usually larger than 5K pcs. For the PC enclosure, the MOQ can also up to 500pcs or even 1Kpcs.


Digital Signage application.

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In a commercial world, when companies do their advertising, digital signage is an indispensable tool. For new product launch, brand publicity, sales promotion, etc. As long as we need to tell customers something, the digital signage is needed, and the Mini PC is the element of a digital signage.


Usually Mini PC for this application, it requires the 7/24 long working hours, the Fanless and lower power consumption models are needed. If need to work outdoor, the waterproof function is also requested. But so far, most Mini PC could only support indoor applications.


School/college/university educating applications.

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Unlike a decade ago, the teaching was kept on teachers used books and blackboard to teach. In recent years, most schools in the world could support to use multimedia teaching or online teaching. Mini PC could be used in schools/ colleges/ universities.


There are more applications out there, waiting for us to discover. If you find some, don’t forget to leave a message, we look forward to discover more.



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