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How to improve daily work efficiency?

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How to improve daily work efficiency?
Latest company news about How to improve daily work efficiency?

For everyone, working hours are certain. However, in a standard 8 hours’ working routine, everyone’s working efficiency is different. Even for two stuff whose working ability is similar, one day’s work could be finished in different ways. Some of them may complete the mission in 8 hours, some may finish the same mission with the same outcome in just 4 or 5 hours. What are the differences and how to improve it?


For sure, everyone’s ability of solving problems is different. But we could know our missions better and put them in a correct order, it could greatly improve our working efficiency.


1. Get to know the priority!

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even for the very simple mission, if the completing process is being arranged in different orders, there will be different outcomes. For sure, the time which is needed is also different. If we could take the most important part in the front, and focus on it at the first place, when it is finished, other parts will become easier. We could have more spare time to think and readjust the whole mission.


2. Keep focusing on the mission!

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For example, if we need to inform our customers for the updated products info, there are 1,000 customers, the deadline is within 1 week, we could only inform around 200 customers per day, we could finish it in 5 working days. During these five days, we may also have other important missions to finish. How could we do it? When other missions come, they distract us and requires us to jump to them. Should we finish other missions first, then come back to this mission? No. The better solution is focusing on this very first and most important mission, do it immediately until we reach the target. Unless other missions are more important then this one, otherwise, just keep doing it.


3. List out erery day's target and going forward!

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If we could list out every day’s target and going forward, put the most important target on the top, timing every target, when we do finish these targets one by one, from the most important one to the less important one. Step by step, we could find our time is always enough.

We could say, effecting our working efficiency is not because of the missions are too many, but because we don’t put them in a right order.



4. Other influential elements for the working efficiency include useful skills, experiences, mindsets, plan advantage etc.

When one person’s the comprehensive ability to deal with complex issues is better, his/her working efficiency is also higher.




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